CASA Fun Club is dedicated to providing affordable, effective, and fun curriculum to teach Spanish as a second language using natural language acquisition techniques to students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. This web-site provides information about us. Our programs are perfect for homeschooled students, pre-schools, and after-school enrichment programs. Very affordable curriculum sets are sold for parents who do not speak Spanish but would like their children to learn at home. Some classes are now in session throughout California by homeschool groups, independent Spanish teachers, and private Christian schools. This web-site outline will help you navigate and find the information that you need quickly and easily.

                                      UPCOMING   EVENTS 

May 16-17th, 2014: Please visit our booth at the TCHEN Convention in Santa Rosa. Take a look at our curriculum and speak with our Founder, Rita Amador, who will give you an assessment in order to show you the best Spanish level for your children. 

July 25-26th, 2014: We will be at  the Valley Home Educators Convention held at the Modesto Centre Plaza/Doubletree Hotel in Modesto, California. Rita Amador will present our Spanish curriculum and materials for families who desire to teach Spanish at home to students of all ages using a Christian foundation.

Comig Soon in  June, 2015: We will have a free trainning class at the Pleasanton Library conference room from 1:00 to 2:30 PM in Pleasanton, California. We will give parents information related to our curriculum and vision. How to use Natural Language Acquisition Techniques and fun activities to keep children motivated in learning Spanish at home. 
                                                                                         Free Classes June, 2015: We will have a couple of  free review classes for students who have purchased our curriculum. These classes will be held in Pleasanton and San Jose, California by Rita Amador. They are by invitation only through e-mail to our faithful customers.





Please, be aware that this web-site is still under construction. We wanted to provide information about our program as soon as possible. However, we are still in the process of checking spelling and punctuation. We are working on consistancy in our fonts and other areas. We are also adding new features, like on-line classes, very soon. We apologize for the mistakes and thank you for your patience while we build a better site.

Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions.

August, 2014: Our Founder, Rita Amador, will be attending the UCHE Academy open house at the Roseville campus in California.  On that afternoon she will bring and show the Spanish curriculum to the families enrolled in their program and parents will save shipping charges. During the morning, we will have a Spanish teacher retreat meeting for their staff as well.